By Maxwell A. Argento

Odell Beckham Jr. had a monster day against his old NFC East foes, scoring two touchdowns on five receptions for 81 yards in the air and a touchdown on the ground via two carries for 81 yards.

Broncos 37–28 Jets

Melvin Gordon carried the rock 23 times for 107 yards and two scores against a Jets team that doesn’t look all that competitive right now. The jury is still out on Sam Darnold because of a lack of health and talent around him, and Adam Gase might end up being the second head coach getting fired this season.

Saints 35–29 Lions

This always seemed like a game the Saints would figure out a way to win. Their start lacked sparkle, but the better team presented itself over 60 minutes. Drew Brees clearly put a focus on trying to push the ball down the field even a little bit more than he has been, and it created the desired effect for New Orleans. Alvin Kamara is an absolute baller, but the Saints need Michael Thomas back…that isn’t up for debate.

Buccaneers 38–31 Chargers

Head Coach Bruce Arians said his Buccaneers would’ve lost a game like that last year. I don’t doubt it. Tom Brady’s effect on the team is apparent, but the real star of the team for me is the front seven of the defense. They have the ability to single-handedly change the course of games, and will need to continue to do so against the better quarterbacks in the NFC if they have designs on making a postseason run. As for Los Angeles, Tyrod Taylor should never play a snap under center ever again as long as Justin Herbert is in the QB room.

Bengals 33–25 Jaguars

The Bengals get their much elusive win, albeit against another bottom-10 team. Joe Burrow continues to prove he belongs, helping his team win the yardage and time of possession battle. The prospect of watching him and Joe Mixon for the next bunch of years must really make Bengal fans giddy.

Vikings 31- 23 Texans

We all knew the Houston Texans schedule to open up their year was arguably the hardest in the league, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that GM/Head Coach Bill O’Brien got fired after falling 0–4 to the also woeful Vikings. The defense can’t rely on difference makers making plays because there are none to be found, and the offense is missing DeAndre Hopkins more than any team is missing an offensive weapon from last year’s roster.

Seahawks 31–23 Dolphins

In a closer game than the final score dictated Russell Wilson continued the stellar start to his season going 24–34 for 360 yards and 2 touchdowns. Despite not catching a TD pass, sophomore wideout D.K. Metcalf caught 4 passes for an explosive 106 yards. If I were a Dolphins fan I would be asking for Miami to make the move to their rookie quarterback and start their new era alongside head coach Brian Flores.

Browns 49–38 Cowboys

The most surprising result of the weekend. I have never seen a defense look more lost than the Cowboys looked on their home turf against the Browns on Sunday. 508 total yards, 307 on the ground. 7.0 yards per play. If the defense doesn’t turn itself around quickly or change its scheme slightly, the Cowboys could finish the season with the number one offense in the game and 5 wins. The visiting Browns continued to assert their ground game to highlight the strength of their offensive line, and OBJ looked up for the game. Nick Chubb being sidelined with an MCL strain is concerning, but the depth at the running back position in Cleveland should be more than enough to see them through.

Panthers 31–21 Cardinals

Another case of Kyler Murray and the Cardinals losing a game against a team they should beat. Despite going 24–31 for 3 touchdowns, his yardage through the air only ended at 133 yards, and 76 yards on the ground also didn’t result in a score. The Panthers either suck at rebuilding effectively or are good at coming up with a game plan against their opponents…I’ll take the latter.

Ravens 31–17 Football Team

I don’t think it’s groundbreaking to have expected the Ravens to bully the Football Team in response to their Monday night loss the Chiefs in week three. That is exactly what they did. It is simply the case of a better football team disposing of an inferior football team like they should.

Rams 17–9 Giants

A messy game from every angle. For the Rams a win is a win, but I’m sure Sean McVay would admit that that performance would put them in a bad position against the better teams in the NFC. Sadly, the Giants will look at their schedule and wonder where the wins will come from. Such is the price of being one of the worst teams in the league with a rookie head coach.

Bills 30–23 Raiders

Make no mistake, Josh Allen is in the MVP race. His biggest asset in helping him be there right now is Stefon Diggs. With Diggs on the edge of this offense Buffalo looks to strike constantly, and Allen looks comfortable doing so. The Bills may not play the Titans this week, but I’m sure they won’t mind considering the Chiefs come to town the following week. The Raiders are one of the harder teams to read in the sport, so I suppose a 2–2 record is fitting for them right now. One thing I know for certain is that the defense is going to be the reason why they lose games all year.

Colts 19–11 Bears

The Colts are the opposite of the Raiders from the standpoint that their defense will be the reason why they win games all year. Not to mention the offensive line wearing blue is basically always going to be the better unit when they play. If Philip Rivers can keep the ball out of the opponents hand, they can sneakily become one of the better teams in the AFC. The Bears are to me the most fraudulent 3–1 team in the league, and I ultimately don’t think Matt Nagy is cut out for being a head coach in Chicago.

Eagles 25–20 49ers

A full compliment of 49ers players on the field on Sunday Night Football would’ve given this game a much different feel. Unfortunately for San Fran, Nick Mullens had an absolute stinker from the first snap of the game until he was pulled for C.J. Beathard. Credit must be given to the Eagles who are always prepared and always tough despite sometimes not looking as effective as we all want them to be. Leading the NFC East at a record of 1–3–1 is never what the Eagles would’ve expected, but I guess they’ll take it. They won’t care when they’re 6–9–1 if they host a playoff game.

Chiefs 26–10 Patriots

It’s completely fair to wonder whether or not the winner of the game would’ve been different if a one mister Cameron Newton didn’t test positive for Covid-19 several days before the game. Patrick Mahomes didn’t look particularly sharp, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is when you have a choice between Patrick Mahomes and Brian Hoyer, you choose Mahomes, regardless of who Hoyer’s coach is. The most underrated aspect of the Chiefs is their defense, which has ballers all over the field. If they continue to play physically and with tempo, the Chiefs are gonna be favored to win the one seed in the AFC and defend their Super Bowl title come February.

Packers 30–16 Falcons

Before I get to Aaron Rodgers and his greatness, we need to start with the Falcons, who look like one of the more disappointing franchises in the league since their blowing of a very infamous 28–3 lead in a massive game a couple years back. I don’t care how many empty yards you can tally throwing the ball, if you don’t have balance on the ground along with your air attack and have the ability to play effective offense with the lead, you won’t win ball games. Aaron Rodgers looked like an MVP, which is horrible news for the rest of the league. Opponents are going to look at the tape and be frightened at how calm Rodgers looked on Monday, as well as how good Aaron Jones continues to look. Last year the Packers were not as good as their record suggested at 13–3…this year 4–0 is what they deserve, especially if “random” tight ends keep catching three touchdowns out of nowhere.

My name is Maxwell Argento and I am a John Carroll University and Connecticut School of Broadcasting Alum who is an aspiring sports media professional!